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Host family Avesani - For a relaxing holiday stay

4-star Hotel in Ortisei - Special feel-good atmosphere with personal care and views of the impressive mountains of the Dolomites

We take care of you personally

We are proud of our role as hosts and live it with all our heart. Enrico and Gertrud built the Grien in 1981 and run it for many years with enthusiasm and hard work. 1996 - after his training - Rainer definitely boarded in the family business, soon followed by Monika, now his wife.

Rainer Monika

Rainer and Monika – Samuel’s and Kevin’s proud parents – are the persons in charge of receiving the guests at the reception and are always available. Rainer – passionate golfer as well as hunter and fisher – leads the kitchen staff with passion and creativity, and is the one in charge of the very well stocked wine cellar.
Monika – also Sommelière for passion – is the one in charge of the dining room and decorations. She has always news for the massage and beauty center, too.

Samuel Kevin

It never gets boring in “Avesani house” with the two boys! Samuel, the nature lover, takes care of his cat and his many rabbits; while Kevin - when he is not skiing or playing football - rather tinkers with one of his “Lego Technik” projects and brings us to marvel every time again.

Enrico Gertrud

Enrico- hunter and dog + bird breeder- ensures the continuous development of the company and holds the family together. His wife Gertrud is the good soul of the house and ensures that everything is in its right place. Her green thumb can be recognized by the blooming balconies and gardens, and as a passionate hiker she guides our guests safely through our beautiful mountains.


What makes our hotel a true dream destination

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