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Ayurveda – the internal bliss leads to wellness and health
We are proud to be the first hotel in Alto Adige with a masseuse having a degree as ayurvedic operator officially recognized by the CSEN and CONI.

Since more than 5,000 years Ayurveda aims at keeping the balance between the vital energies in order to create a complete physical and mental healthy balance.

The Ayurvedic operator practices the programs of wellness described in the classic Ayurvedic texts including massages, the Shirodhara, steam baths and relaxing techniques. The ayurvedic operator’s role is to suggest the way to keep in health, educating the human being to experiment his own health and maintaining it.

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Ayurvedic - Massages:
“Kung Fu Chio” – massage with Chinese spheres
back and head
approx. 30 min
€ 38,00
legs and feet
approx. 30 min
€ 38,00
whole body
approx. 55 min
€ 62,00

This relaxing massage follows an ancient Chinese technique from the Ming dynasty and helps regulating the energy flow in your body. The special massage technique and the use of small spheres with their light sound both help balancing vital energy and tranquilizing thoughts, thus releasing the mind from everyday stress. The massage can also be carried out without oil.
Abhyanga – ayurvedic full body massage
approx. 80 min.
€ 85,00
Ayurveda – “consciousness of life” finds it origins in an India of 5,000 years ago. In each one of us exist three “doshas” – Vata, Pitta, Kapha – synonyms of movement, transformation and stability. If these three natural forces are in balance between themselves, this means health and well-being for man. The Abhyanga massage, the most ancient ayurvedic massage technique, helps eliminate toxines from the body and stimulates energetic flow. It has a relaxing and harmonizing effect, which is brought out by the use of essential oils chosen based on individual ayurvedic constitution.
Marma Massage
approx. 80 min.
€ 85,00
This massage is based on the knowledge of “Chakras“ and “Marmas“, anatomic points where the vital energy “Prana“ flows. Stress and wrong eating habits can cause blockages of the Marma points, and impede vital energy from flowing freely. A gentle massage of the Marma points with the use of specific essential oils stimulates the energetic flow, and provides a unique sensation of wholeness, harmony and well-being.
A detoxifying Abhyanga massage one or two days in advance is recommended as preparation.
Ratna Massage (with crystals and semi-precious stones)
approx. 80 min.
€ 85,00
Precious stones contain the energy accumulated in their slow formation process and can enter into resonance with the man’s energetic field, re-balancing the instabilities due to stress and tension.  The 7 Chakra points are stimulated with heated stones in order to allow the free flow of vital energy. Special blends of essential oils strengthen the harmonizing effects of the gems and render this massage so fascinating and unique.
A detoxifying Abhyanga massage one or two days in advance is recommended as preparation.
Mini Ayurveda-Mix 
2x approx. 80 min.
€ 165,00
A detoxifying Abhyanga massage combined with an energetic massage (Marma or with crystals and semi-precious stones). To be divided in 2 days!
Shirodhara - the king of ayurvedic treatments
Ayurvedic massage with Shirodhara (approx. 80 min.)
€ 125,00
package of 3
€ 290,00
Shirodhara – literally “shower over the head” is a treatment that basically consists in a constant flow of warm aromatic oil on your forehead, over the 6th chakra point located at the centre of the forehead. This profoundly relaxes the nervous system, it balances and soothes the mind, removing negative thoughts and improving and reviving mental clarity.
Relaxing head and neck massage
approx. 25 min.
€ 38,00
Relaxes the muscles of the head, neck and shoulders, and brings relief and wellbeing for your head and back.
Convenience Packet: 3 head and neck massages
3x approx. 25 min.
€ 105,00
Ayurvedic foot and body massage
approx. 50 min.
€ 57,00
Brief balancing “Marma” massage on the entire body paired with an ayurvedic foot massage. A correct energetic flow in the entire body can be restored by means of a delicate massage of the “Marma” points located in the bottom of the foot, thereby harmonizing body and soul.
Massage with  “Pinda”- “Otam” pouches
A short massage with warm essential oils.  You will then be cuddled by small herb pouches.  These warm pouches are used dry or immersed in oil according to need.  The herbs and spices contained have a relaxing and detoxifying effect. (benefits after at least 3 massages)
3 massages 
3x approx. 50 min.
€ 150,00
Additional single massage  
approx. 50 min.
€ 55,00
Relaxing massage for pregnant women
approx. 50 min.
€ 57,00
Special massage for the needs of pregnant women; preventive or also in case of problems such as swollen ankles, stretch-marks... Very relaxing for mother and child.
Baby massage
approx. 30-50 min.
€ 30,00 - 50,00
Is your baby having problems adjusting?  Not sleeping well and is restless?  Having gas problems? Our masseuse will teach you a massage to help your baby calm down (ideal for up to 3 years of age).

Body treatments:
Complete treatment "Artreum" 
approx. 50 min.
€ 53,00
Back massage with a special mix of oils and mud; this blend is used as a compress, followed by an arnica cream on the back and nape of the neck. Very helpful in case of strong muscle tensions in the back.
„Crio Gamathi“ treatment for tired legs 
approx. 50 min.
€ 53,00
A massage with a precious oil blend removes excessive liquids in the legs. The following pack with a refreshing mud and a peppermint gel bring a fantastic sense of freshness.
„Udara“ abdominal treatment
approx. 50 min.
€ 53,00
A gentle massage of the stomach region with a special combination of essential oils and mud, which is used as a body pack. This treatment can help in case of nervous stomach troubles, but also has a very efficient slimming effect on the tummy.
 Ayurvedic foot treatment “Pada”   
approx. 50 min.
€ 53,00
Ideal for tired, swollen, heavy feeling feet: by means of a refreshing and draining compress your feet feel fresh and light.  The ayurvedic massage which follows stimulates the foot’s sole.  To prepare for your next hiking or skiing day!
“Garshan” - Aqua shock anti cellulite treatment 
approx. 80 min.
€ 53,00
A very relaxing and effective specific anticellulite treatment.  A stimulating massage with raw silk gloves is combined with a mud pack and draining massage; as a finale, the application of a very efficient anti-cellulite cream for a silky skin.
“Garshan slim” – Lipo shock fat melting treatment
approx. 80 min.
€ 90,00
This treatment stimulates your body with highly effective active forces.  First a toning massage with oxygen-rich oil which stimulates the metabolism.  Followed by a thermal mud which “melts” fat cells.  As a finale a phial which has a profound effect and a cream for a silky skin.
“Natural sense” body and breast firming treatment 
approx. 80 min.
€ 95,00
This firming treatment for the body and breast affects the circulation and the lymph system, and visually firms flabby tissue.  Ideal after a pregnancy or as an anti-age treatment for the body. Results are visible and measurable even after the first treatment!
“Natural sense” breast firming treatment
approx. 50 min.
€ 65,00
This treatment also includes the back, as it is there that many breast issues (for example one breast higher than the other) find their cause. Further, the effective, active substances stimulate the production of new tissues. Therefore the breasts visibly rise!

Facial treatments:

Facial treatment "De Luxe"
approx. 80 min.
€ 85,00
Complete facial treatment including nourishing phial, eyebrow shaping and facial massage
"Divine" specific anti-age treatment
€ 90,00
Energizing treatment that uses products with essences of precious gems; face massage with crystals.

"Netra" eye treatment
approx. 25 min.
€ 35,00
Specific treatment for the sensitive eye zone.

Ayurvedic - Packages:
Try Ayurveda (2-3 days)   
€ 143,00
- 1 ayurvedic full body massage “Abhyanga”
- 1 ayurvedic foot massage
- 1 head and neck massage

Get to know the special ayurvedic massage technique and its extremely relaxing and rebalancing effects!
“Quick Ayurveda” (3 days)
€ 230,00
- 2 ayurvedic full body massages “Abhyanga”
- 1 energetic massage “Marma” or with crystals and semi-precious stones

In only three days’ time your body is detoxified and the life energy harmonized. Body and soul are strengthened and get complete harmony, which is the most important thing to keep you in good health.
Ayurveda week “Lotus flower” (5 days)
€ 385,00
- 2 ayurvedic full body massages “Abhyanga”
- 1 energetic massage “Marma”
- 2 ayurvedic massages with crystals and semi-precious stones

Feel the absolute physical and mental harmony and realize how your vital energy brings you wellbeing and power.
"Natural sense" – firming package (5 days)     
€ 350,00
- 3 breast and body firming treatments
- 2 brody firming treatments
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